(Video recorded at Toowoomba , 2005 – Combined Churches event)


My experience could best be described as a “near heaven experience,” even though a “near death experience” was what got me to peek over to the other side of life. By God’s grace I am still able to hang out here for a while longer. 

My NDE took place on Good Friday morning in the cardiac ward. What followed was a lesson in faith concerning the Gospel message; which has always been preoccupied with what’s to come. Rather than reading about it, God saw fit to show me … and indeed, there is so much more to come!

From my testimony you will find out:

  • what happened to me on that Good Friday morning
  • what happened when my vitals flat lined
  • what was it like to glimpse a peek into heaven
  • what I discovered as a result of my near death experience

This personal experience has led me to believe:

  • that the Bible reveals a true connection between this life and the next.
  • that there is a literal heaven and encounter with heavenly angels.
  • that the spiritual reality intersects with our physical life. 
  • that faith in Jesus Christ is the ‘real deal’ for eternal life.

The FAQ’s is a summary of my thoughts reflecting on the frequently asked questions I have received when I have publicly shared my testimony. These thoughts are limited with scriptural references to clarify the Christian belief of most mainline Churches on such topics.

Rev. Dirk Willner.  

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